Full Dentures

As a primary oral health-care giver, a denturist can provide various types of quality full denture(s) specific to your needs.

Your Denturist will consult with you to determine your denture requirements. The denturist will help you make an informed and educated decision that will best suit your needs. Specialized state of the art dentures are available to optimize your results.


The denturist will consult with you about the process involved in designing an accurate denture. During the consultation, the denturist wants you to explain your expectation and lifestyle issues. This critical information will help in the design of your accurate denture.

Your denturist will recommend solutions specific to your new oral condition, functional needs, and esthetic requests.


Standard dentures may fit comfortably and function reasonably well however, they are constructed using physiological averages on a non-adjustable machine.

Patients who have unusual conditions in their Temporal Mandibular Joint, [jaw joint, (TMJ)], or oral cavities may require additional extensive measurements to accommodate their needs. A precision premium denture provides maximum function during everyday life activities, optimizing the ability to eat, speak or laugh confidently.

Precision premium dentures incorporate extensive measurements of your TMJ as well as your oral cavity. These measurements are transferred to a precise semi adjustable instrument that closely duplicates the natural movement of your jaw. The measurements allow the denturist to recreate the majority of intricate movements associated with eating. Further measurements guide the denturist in the placement of your teeth for maximum esthetics and speech with your new denture.


Helpful Denture Information
The goal in both the standard and premium precision dentures is to replace what is missing from your oral cavity and ensure natural results of your esthetics. Consult with your denturist.